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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Launch just about everything from your desktop

With Launchy. Launchy is a free Windows program that does, well, just about everything you can think of to launch. You bring up Launchy using Alt-Spacebar. Some of the things you can do:
  • Go to a web site
  • Search Wikipedia
  • Search Amazon
  • Look up the weather for a location
  • Run an installed program
  • Search the web using Google
  • Search Netflix
  • Find songs by title
  • and much more
Launchy shows you choices as you type. Try it out - you will interact with your computer differently. No more searching menus, files, or web pages ... they're just a Launchy away! I know I sound like an ad, but I don't have any relationship to Launchy except as a fan(atic).

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