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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Turbocharge your web with Hyperwords

Hyperwords adds searches, reference lookup, direct emailing, map directions, shopping, and much more to your web browser. Select any text and the hyperwords menu appears.
The net is a massively-connected set of pages, people, products, and passions. Navigating this colossal mass is often tedious and hit-or-miss. If you look at some recent massive collaboration tools, such as, StumbleUpon, and LinkedIn, they are successful because they help people find things that they didn't even know existed...and do it quickly and easily.

To me, Hyperwords is like that: it helps you quickly and easily find and share information. All that Hyperwords does can be done in other's just that the other ways are more convoluted, which makes them less likely to happen. People are inherently lazy, myself included. If I can share something via email by merely swiping some text and choosing "email immediately", I'll do it often; if I must copy some text, bring up my email tool, create a new email, and paste in the text, I'm much less likely to do it. The same applies to adding a movie to my Netflix queue, looking up a word's definition, or following a URL that's not a link.

Hyperwords creates virtual links on the Web to make it more useful, accessible, and fun.
Firefox Hyperwords Add-on

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